First Official New Moon Poster!

Yeah! You heard me! This is the very first New Moon poster. Do not drooling over your monitor screen just yet, mark the calendar NOW, New Moon will show on 20 November, 2009! Don’t forget to read New Moon (Dua Cinta) first before you watch the movie!



10 thoughts on “First Official New Moon Poster!

  1. posternyaa kerenn . udaa gaa sabarr pengen nton new moon . ckckck . coba bissaa lebihh cpett lg ..
    midnight sun beneran gaa jd diterbitin yaa ? :(

  2. Wah….kaya’nya baru ekmaren diriku nonton twilight. Eh…Yang New Moon udah coming soon. Keren d..!!! Mulai counting down nih… :D

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